Top 5 Tips For Starting Pilates

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Top 5 Tips for Starting Pilates

Find out what you need for that Pilates first class

1. START!! Might sound obvious but how many times have you said 'Oh yes Pilates it is supposed to be really good I'd love to try it'? Give it a go, get on the internet and find a local class or better still one 2 one instructor for that first session or two. Read a little bit about where the instructor trained and give them a call ask them what they specialize in?  Chances are like here at The View Pilates they work with everyone and tailor all sessions to meet individual needs.

2. WEAR SOMETHING COMFY. You want to be comfortable not fashionable, although there are now some amazing pilates/yoga clothes out there is you do want to go that far. But really it's about movement. Ask yourself 'are the clothes I am wearing going to stretch and move with me?' Leggings, Lycra, Shorts, Jogging Bottoms, T Shirts, Long Sleeves,  or short anything goes, socks for warmth maybe in the winter months. Really anything that makes you feel comfortable and confident to move in.

group pilates shoulder bridge
Group pilates shoulder bridge

3. DON'T EXPECT TO GET IT FIRST TIME. Many clients apologize because they get an exercise shape or position wrong and I correct their posture and position in order to complete the exercise well and safely. Part of the instructors job is to do this, we cannot see our own bodies whilst carry out the exercise, that's why you pay the teacher! It takes time to learn anything new and there can be a lot to think about, give it time you will be surprised how quickly you start to pick things up.

4. BREATHE! Breathing is a big part of Pilates but sometimes it can become overwhelming trying to remember when in Inhale when to Exhale. I say to all my clients, 'Don't worry when to breathe, just breathe, the breathing/exercise pattern will come with time and practice to begin with just move and don't hold your breath'. It is so easy to get so hung up on when to breathe that we forget to move. As long as your breathing all is good.

5. ENJOY & SOCIALIZE. When running a group class I always plan in a little chat/catch up time. I think part of going somewhere to a Pilates Class is the social aspect being able to meet new people chat about your week, the Weather, Kids, Grandkids, new kitchen whatever it's just as important to feel comfortable and relaxed with the people around you as it does new latest exercise you might be learning. I find clients respond more and get more out of a class if they feel relaxed and comfortable & able to forget the stresses of everyday life even if it is just for that one hour a week.