Pilates For Runners


Pilates keeping runners on the road

How Pilates can help runners with tight hips, hamstrings,  stride issues, speed you up and avoid injury.

I have many clients that run regularly and use Pilates as a way of keeping themselves strong and injury free.
I know I have written about this before but I honestly  believe that it is worth shouting about for you runners out there that, as soon as you pick up the mileage, you start to suffer with the little (or sometimes large) niggly injuries that blight you and stop you from persuing your love of pounding the streets.             
Refomer Pilates is especially good for aiding runners to improve their gate, technique and speed.    
How? The reformer corrects alignment helping the body learn correct patterns of movement. Once the muscles are moving in balance with strength and correct alignment this will be transferred into everyday movement such as running.

reformer hamstring stretch
Reformer Hamstring Stretch

During Pilates Reformer Workouts you will work evenly around the entire hip in all ranges of movement. This will balance the muscles of the hip, build strength and protect the muscles.  Building core strength will aid stability in the pelvis and lower back.

Single Leg work replicates the motions required during running when one foot is always off the ground, building strength in the muscles required to support this action. The core work will assist in keeping the torso aligned correctly over the pelvis helping to avoid back pain and hamstring issues.  

Each session is tailored to the individual and their particular needs and abilities. It will always challenge you and improve your other activities and sports.

My clients tell me their performance improves as my tailor made exercises allow them to  get faster and feel stronger in general.

With the Hastings Half Marathon around the corner and training begining might not try a session!

Adductor Stretch
Adductor Stretch