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About The View Pilates

Emily came to Pilates over 15 years ago after many years of neck and shoulder issues, including a damaged disc.

Emily is a qualified STOTT PILATES ® Instructor certified in Matwork and Reformer Level two.
Fully Educated in Cadillac Trapeze Stott Pilates.
Specialist areas include:
  • Specialist areas include:
  • Matwork
  • Pilates Reformer
  • Barrels
  • Cadillac
  • Injury and Specialist Populations
  • Pilates small equipment
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In 2009 Emily decided to train to become an instructor improving her own pain and posture problems. Emily began teaching Matwork Pilates in 2010 and Reformer Pilates 2011. 
Full training in both advanced Matwork & Reformer Pilates and Level 1 Cadillac/Trapeze equipment.

She is fully certified in both STOTT PILATES ® Matwork and STOTT PILATES ® Reformer Pilates in 2011, continuing her education every year with workshops and courses in both Matwork and equipment based Pilates.

The View is a fully equipped studio, in a comfortable calm and picturesque place; I try to create a space that’s helps my clients switch off from the day to day stress and rush of life and focus on their own health and well-being. Promoting Mindful Movement helping the brain to re connect with the body.

The View Pilates offers one to one sessions at the View Studio using a variety of equipment including the reformer, cadillac, arc barrel, mat, foam roller, fitness circles, toning balls, stability cushions and flex band exercisers.  I will carry out a full postural analysis to establish imbalances and a work out plan which we will review on a regular basis.

Matwork Pilates and small equipment Classes at the gorgeous  View Pilates Syudio, Classes are usually 3-4 people meaning I can make sure everyone is moving safely and exercises can be modified to meet the individual’s needs/ability.

Reformer & Cadillac Classes are also held at The View Pilates Studio and are a maximum of 3 people. Offering a more dynamic resistance based exercise, with fantastic results.

You need nothing other than some comfortable work out wear which you can move easily in. Emily brings everything else.

"I try to make every class/session different and move the body through a full and functional workout"
Pilates with Emily has enabled me to develop my core strength, improve deportment and to keep all muscles throughout the body more supple. It has also helped me enormously with longstanding back stiffness and shoulder pain. I really miss it if I can't get to the session each week!
Dogs Do Pilates Too

Dogs Do Pilates Too

Volcanic Walks Lanzarote With Added  Pilates Teaser

Volcanic Walks Lanzarote With Added Pilates Teaser

Pilates Cat Stretch Exercise

Pilates Cat Stretch Exercise

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