Can Pilates Really Work On My Ankles??

Footwork Pilates Reformer

Can Pilates Really Work On My Ankles??

Footwork On The Pilates reformer helps align the foot and ankle with many postural benefits.

Ever felt like you have poor posture? Or you suffer from constant pain or niiggles in the body which you just can't work out why?

Look Down!!

Could it all start at the feet and ankles?
We put an enormous amount of pressure and stress through our feet and ankles everyday but do we really ever consider them during exercise.
Good Foot and Ankle alignment are key to a healthy strong posture.

The Pilates Reformer is a fantastic tool for teaching correct alignment through out the body and we always start at the feet.

By correcting and working on any foot and ankle imbalances you will see a big improvement throughout the body. Leg and thigh muscles will become more balanced and less inclined to injury, pelvic position can be improved meaning the rib cage and shoulders can sit more comfortably.

So yes really 'could this pain in my shoulder be coming from my feet'? Maybe???

Check out this short clip demonstrating a small part of a footwork exercise on the Pilates Reformer: