Athletes Benefit From Pilates Get Flexible Get Faster

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Athletes Benefit From Pilates Get Flexible Get Faster

Hastings & Rye Athletes Get Flexible Get Faster & Reduce Risk of Injury

With more and more Elite Athletes telling us about how Pilates has improved their game/sport can Pilates & regular stretching really work for everyone?

David Beckham, Andy Murray & Sir Steve Redgrave are amongst many top athletes who have explained how adding regular Pilates sessions into their training has really improved their performance.

At The View Pilates I work with many super fit strong athletic men and women who have come to me through pain & injury which has often resulted in them not being able to train to the level they would like if at all.

Pilates teaches the body correct alignment and posture which in itself reduces the risk of injury by making sure we work out in balance but also the stretching element


that I include  in my sessions gives joints and muscles greater range of movement and reduces the pain often associated with very tight muscles which in turn imbalance the body.

In just a few sessions I often hear the phrase 'I already have less pain'. But with regular inclusion in your training both stretching & mindful movement improves performance in other activities, including running, swimming, spin, cycling, boxing and many others.

Speaking personally I have always suffered with very tight hips, meaning when I run, and I don't run far, I was slow and my hips and lower back would always tighten up. Increasing my daily practice of stretching & Pilates sometimes just 15-20 minuets a day is enough, I have found I am running further, faster and feeling a lot more comfortable. I also do not suffer with the muscle pain and tightness post workout like I used to.

In short don't be scared to try it you might be surprised by the results Pilates is not just for Women and flexible people it can really add another dimension to to any athletes progress.