Sun Salutations from Hastings New Pier

Sun Salutaions

Sun Salutations From Hastings New Pier

108 Sun Salutations to Celebrate the Summer Solstice

On Tuesday the 21st June, what would have been the longest day should it not have been a leap year. I gathered along with around 100 other like minded Yogis for a Summer Solstice Celebration.
The day had been proceeded and followed by terrible weather of epic proportions (Floods in the South East of England, Amber Weather Warnings) but that evening the Sun came out and at 6.30pm when I arrived on the newly restored Hastings Pier I found myself bathed in gorgeous sunlight and heat!! Wow was this England??We had been asked to come with our Mats, Water, Open Hearts & Sun Set Coloured Clothing. I duly found my brightest Orange Top, Disco Glittery Leggings and bounced along.

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Hastings Pier
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Pier Yoga

108 Sun Salutations was the aim of the evening.
Why 108 well I am no Yogi expert but I understand there are 108 'Japa Mala' Prayer Beads used in both Hinduism & Buddhism recitations of prayers, mantras and chants are counted bead by bead.
Hastings Pier was full of colour, light and enthusiasm. Such a fun evening. We made our way gently at first through sets of 20 at a time. It took nearly 2 hours all of which we had fantastic sunshine.
I won't lie it was surprisingly tiring but my body felt fully stretched and worked out when I had finished, we all had huge smiles on our faces when we settled for a short stretch and savasana, then joined energy in a lovely huge human circle to pat one another on the back!
This wonderful event was arranged by a fabulous group of local Yoga teachers:Lisa Powell, Nina Savarese, Monica Mathieu, Hannah Caney & Rebeca Gildea. All of whom taught and guided the evening beautifully.
To find out more on local Hastings Yoga go to

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Hastings Yoga
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Sun Salutations