Pregnancy Is Good For Pilates


Pregnancy is good for Pilates!

Pre and Post Natal Pilates at The View.

Sometimes I think Pilates was specially designed for Pregnancy.

With the stresses that Pregnancy puts on the female body no other form of exercise supports the body improves posture and assists the mother through birth in quite the same way.

One of my expectant Mum's recently said to me

'I love my Pilates sessions, it is the only exercise where you tell me what I can do! and not what I no longer can do!'

Because yes there are certain things that of course you need to avoid during pregnancy, like lying on your tummy or abdominal crunching and after a certain point in the pregnancy lying flat on your back is not good for Mum or Baby.


Having said all that I train all my Mum's to be as I would any other client with a postural issue. We aim for balance, core strength (yes really you can keep working on that), alignment and flexibility.

I am trained in Pre and Post Natal Pilates through Stott Pilates here at The View Pilates so you can feel safe in the knowledge that you and your unborn baby will be in safe hands.

You will go through the same full Postural Checks as any other client and work towards easing any pain issues already occurring and building the strength you are going to need for that Labour.

There is also no time limit I have taught women right up until 2 days before Labour and I have had them back for very gentle exercise and movement 2 weeks post!

Equipment is not off limits and with some modifications my clients will use a mixture or Mat Work, Small Props and the Pilates Reformer.

So come and give it a go!! Lets ease that back pain before it gets worse....