Pilates Everyday


Pilates Everyday?!

A little movement everyday goes a long way....

Pilates Everyday!? Really?! I hear you cry. Ok so maybe not the hour class you have to drive 20 minutes there an back to get to... Not even an hour a day at home sweating it out on the Mat, who has time for that?

But a little bit of movement everyday really does go a long way. Moving, twisting, flexing & extending your spine everyday will have huge benefits both mentally and physically.

I really am just suggesting adding 10 - 15 minutes a day of comfortable movement. Perhaps you find 10 Minutes before you leave for work or before your evening meal, maybe you get on the floor before bed in front of the TV for some gentle spinal movement, body stretching, perhaps go wild and throw in 10 Ab Preps (pilates abdominal crunches), just do what feels good.

We all know that sitting still whether it be at a desk, car seat or on the sofa is not great for our posture. So add in a little daily movement to counter act some of that sitting time. A couple of Cat Stretches, maybe a spine twist, side bend and extending the spine backwards will all just help restore the natural balance in the spine and torso body.

Spine Twist
Spine Twist
Flexion (2)
Flexion (2)

Don't be afraid of making a mistake or injuring yourself.

Attending a weekly Pilates Class will really help teach you the principles of Pilates. Not only is it good for the body to have that hour a week but also good for the mind. Joining friends or like minded people for that one hour a week class can be a really good way to relax and forget the stresses of the week, But to carry that feeling into day to day movement is when you will really see a change and benefits to the body.

Just try a couple of the exercises you know and feel comfortable with that you can do without a teacher. Something you've done quite a bit. Speak to your Pilates teacher and ask them to recommend safe exercises for at home. A good teacher will help you know what feels good and safe for your body.

YouTube is a great tool for this, there are thousands of tutorials, shorts classes and ideas/ I use this so much for my own practice.

The best thing about home practice? no one is watching!! Give it a go see how the body benefits from that little bit more movement.

Pilates side bend