Hastings Half Marathon Runners! How Pilates Can Really Help With Running & Recovery

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Hastings Half Marathon Runners! How Pilates can Really help with your Running & Aid Recovery.

Hastings Runners Come Try Something New....

So today we see many great runners finish one of the UK's hardest Half Marathons the 'Hastings Half', in East Sussex.

After months of training in a very wet cold winter finally the day has arrived and WOW didn't they all do so well!! It is so tough running that distance and I am so impressed by all the runners, walkers and pushers! who make it round you are immense.

But gosh all those miles pounding the streets training can take their toll on your body! How many I times I have sadly read or heard in the past week of competitors having to pull out through injury.

Of course some injuries are unavoidable but with Pilates specifically Reformer Pilates  it can really aid with training for running races, general running long or short distances, fast sprinting or slower fitness building paces and keep you injury free during a race and recover faster post race.


Many clients I see who are runners some extreme athletes and full marathon runners have had or have many niggling injuries and experience of pulling out of races they have spent months training and preparing for. It is gutting!

With Reformer Pilates you can work on your correct alignment, Foot and Ankle work and placement whilst your teacher will pick up imbalances through the legs and the entire body which are most likely contributing to injury.

Also running builds strength in the legs in one plane of movement but Pilates build strength in all planes, building muscle strength and balance around the entire leg and hip will make for stronger legs that can carry you those long distances.

Also the range of movement in the hip is increased so stride and pace improve, muscles are lengthened and stretched throughout the exercises meaning looser hamstrings, lower backs and less prone to injury but also recover faster post race/run.

Not to mention what a super strong core and pelvic floor can do for a runner!!

Reformer Spilts
Reformer Spilts