New Year New You! Hmm Maybe Smaller Goals in 2016.


A New Year A New You!! Hmm maybe think Mini Goals...

Looking for a new fitness challenge or to begin yours this January 2016? Perhaps there's another way a new Feeling Goal?

A New Year A New You!!

Sounds a bit cliche doesn't it but this is the time of year we start to think about the year ahead and what we would like to achieve....

I think it is so easy to put a lot of pressure on yourself with a new fitness regime, pressure to look and feel a certain way often sets us on a path to failure and disappointment.

How about keeping it Simple? Set some short term achievable goals.

. Take one Class in January

. Walk a few more steps everyday

. Buy a gorgeous new pair of workout leggings

. Make one veggie smoothie a week

. Arrange and extra park walk with a friend this month

. Take 10 minuets in front of the TV one evening just to gently stretch

. Walk the Dog 10 minuets longer today

. Park at the back of the Supermarket Car Park and walk further into the shop

. Take a Pilates Class


Any of these sound impossible?

We can all achieve small goals, set them, write a list, then really enjoy ticking them off! You just might find that once you set that ball rolling you will surprise yourself in how much you can achieve!

Sometimes the hardest part is just putting the trainers on and walking out the door! Once you get to that class/gym/park/pool you find yourself enjoying your time there and asking yourself 'why don't I do this more often'?

All too often we set this pie in the sky goal or at least a very long term goal and never give ourselves the opportunity to pat ourselves on the back and rewards ourselves for hitting it because to lose 10llbs or 20llbs could take months and it is hard! So maybe don't be tempted to set a number or a jean size but set a feeling goal:

 'I want to feel a bit fitter this month than I did last'.

 'I don't want to feel so out of breath when I walk up that hill with the dog'

Remember to celebrate and reward yourself when you do hit that first class/walk/buy that new outfit.
Buy yourself a nice coffee/smoothie/scented candle, pat yourself on the back and set the next mini goal.

Keep a journal or notes in your calender when you get there then look back after a few months and see how far you have come. But the key thing notice how you FEEL!?

. Stronger?
. Fitter?
. Healthier?
. Leaner?
. Faster?
. More Mobile/Supple?
. Happier?

Are these not the things we would all like to achieve in 2016?