Pilates Matwork Classes Hastings


Pilates Matwork Classes Hastings

Pilates Ball, Fitness circles & Stability Cushions.... What is it all about??

the view pilates 2
The View Pilates Studio

Come and find The View Pilates at The Yoga School in St Leonards-on-sea.

This gorgeous studio with sea views and calming atmosphere accomodates up to 6 Pilates people.

I use a wide range of small props and equipment to add resistance, proprioception and challenge to my workouts.

Small equipment can help support posture and promote comfort during the exercise, such as the Stability cushion & Pilates Ball.

The Flex Band Exerciser adds resistance, Fitness Circle feedback and challenge to many leg, arm and core exercises.

Various Block, Pads and Head pads promote comfort and correct posture for my students whilst they work out.

Classes are comfortable and fun suitable for all levels and have a lovely social element.

pilates equipment
Foam Roller & Stability Cushion
the view training room
The View Pilates Studio