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Bluebell Wood

bluebell wood walks

spring into pilates

Spring!! I just love this time of year, April and May are easily my favorite months with the spring flowers in bloom , beautiful blossom trees, lighter evenings and a hint of warmer weather to come.

Currently my favorite pass time is to take my 2 dogs into the local bluebell woods for a walk and admire the gorgeous purple carpet of bluebells that will to soon be over.

But what does this have to do with Pilates??

I am constantly encouraging my clients to take all they learn from Pilates into their everyday life and activities.

Walking is the perfect example especially in the gorgeous local East Sussex countryside, where footpaths travel fields, hills, woods and stye's to climb.

Integrating Pilates into everyday activity can really benefit you making movement easier and more comfortable whilst protecting yourself from injury and improving balance and overall posture.

Dogs in Woods
Dogs in Woods

Things to remember whilst out and about:

. Alignment - are you hips, knees and ankles tracking in the same direction? Take a look down as your striding and just notice if a foot turns in or out perhaps a knee doesn't quite track the same way as you hip, see if you can correct that.

. Pelvic & Rib Cage Placement - Stack them, make sure ribs sit nicely over the pelvis, that they are not lifted and unconnected to your core center/abs. Make sure the pelvis doesn't tilt forward or back, keep this in mind when bending or twisting also.

. Breathe - With mindfulness becoming and everyday word nowadays take the time to notice the quality of the air surrounding you, notice your breath not only will this relax you but also help oxygenate your blood helping you go a  little further.

. Enjoy - Mostly take in the view whether it's alone with a loved one or group perhaps you and the dogs, take the time to absorb your surroundings not allowing thoughts of whats to be done later interrupt and spoil your experience.

I can honestly say I will never tire of exploring my local Rye, East Sussex countryside I feel very lucky to have this on my doorstep.

Happy Walking!!

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